Migration to N5 Networks Version 1.5

Between now and July 1st we will be upgrading our entire cloud cluster to bring you more features, better performance and high disk I/O. This change will allow us to:

* To move everyone on the NEW TurboIO SANS (Faster and much more reliable centralized storage).
* To get everyone moved to new hardware that is faster and more reliable for the nodes that run the operating systems.

What does this mean for you and what will you need to do?

For the most part, you wont have to do anything, we are handling all of it. However if your DNS isn’t using our nameservers or not using CNAMES for your applications and/or websites. There may be some DNS changes. We will be reaching out to customers who will be required to make DNS changes through email in the next week. So look for an email. We will have new information for your DNS records at that time. Please don’t contact us until we contact you as we do not yet know the IP Addresses that you will be using for your DNS.

We expect minimal downtime for this migration. More on that will be posted on the status blog.

If you have any questions feel free to contact through the support ticket system.

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