False Positives On Virus Scans

We run automated virus checks with sites hosted with us on a regularly basis.  In the event that your website or cloud instance is compromised we will alert you of what files on your account are unsafe so that you can take appropriate action to correct the issue.

One of our recent virus scans has picked up a false positive in the JetPack wordpress plugin.  You may have gotten a warning regarding a file like this:


This was a false positive produced by our virus scanning software and can be safely ignored.   The false positive was identified as Win.Trojan.Agent-1395367.    There is a discussion on the wordpress forums about this false positive that is showing up on various virusing scanning software here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/clamav-says-responsive-videosminjs-is-malware.  We apologize for falsely alerting our customers that they may be infected.

Best Regards,

N5 Networks.