N5 Networks Offers Load/Stress Testing For Your Web App.

hostingImageLoad/Stress Testing

Know your limits.   Cloud computing has given us the ability to scale, but having the ability to analyze the bottlenecks of your web site, web service or web application can be crucial to overall service quality and service level agreement commitments.

We are able to arrange to perform a distributed stress test on HTTP, SOAP, PostgreSQL and MySQL servers. We are able to provide a simulation that mimics loads up to 1000 Mb/s (GigE) with tens of thousands users hitting your website or application simultaneously. Our tests can be custom scripted so that the simulated users can walk through a whole series of steps while navigating through your website or web application.

The testing provides extremely detailed reports, reviewed by our staff.

After the testing is completed we will prepare an executive report in plain english along with all of the raw data so your team can address any issues that are found.

We can schedule a load test to be performed during low traffic times such as on weekends or late at night. Priced on a case by case basis.  Contact us for more information.