Available now: n5mon Simple Monitoring and Maintenance Tool.

Server-1We are happy to announce the availability of an internal tool that we use for simple server monitoring for our clients. While there are a lot of tools out there we needed something extremely lightweight with very low overhead to monitor disk space, processes and load averages, plus perform regular mysql dumps, local backups and virus scans. Other tools out there either involved installing dozens of dependencies or a time consuming setup process. n5mon was created as a quick and functional solution.

From the readme.txt file:
requirements: PHP 5.4.x or newer, Curl, ClamAV (for virus scanning).


N5MON is a lightweight, low overhead simple system monitor, maintenance tool for doing simple server monitoring as well as automated local backups and virus scans. It runs under PHP-CLI either from the command line or from cron.

It monitors diskspace, running processes and load averages. N5MON will attempt to restart services that are down or run any commands you specify. Alerts are sent through email when a problem is found.  N5MON is easy to setup, and can monitor an unlimited number of processes.   N5MON can also be configured to perform local backups of any number of specified directories, as well as dumps of all mysql databases.  You can schedule your backups using cron for any frequency you wish.  N5MON will can also be configured to purge backups after X number of days.

All in all this free solution is quick and easy and a must for any server admins toolbox.


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